"Lori handled all of the design and remodeling of my high end luxury house to placed on the market. Total remodeling and updating cost in excess of $100,000. The house was appraised before and after the remodeling and the cost was more than covered by the higher sales price. Her expertise in updating the house and marketing the property for sale created a successful sale in a short period of time which saved time and money. I would highly recommend her for any of your design needs or selling your home. She has the design talent and marketing expertise to give you the best sales experience possible. Thank you Lori!"

- Zillow user "jrichardrowland"

"Knowledgable, Conscientious and Hardworking are the first of many words that come to mind when I think of Lori. I've now had 2 very positive experiences with Lori Bryan. The first was years ago, designing our home, and most recently as a Realtor.
When I learned she was a Realtor, I didn't hesitate to to choose her to sell our home. For as kind as she is, she was also a tough negotiator. I recommend her every chance I get, because she's just that good."

- Zillow user "kenicx"

"When my wife and I began searching for a home in Cumming, we wanted someone who was very knowledgeable about the area and understood exactly what we wanted. That is exactly what we found when we started working with Lori. She understood exactly what we were looking for and didn’t waste our time going outside our requested criteria. She was always quick to respond, accommodating to our schedule, and very patient with us. I would highly recommend her to anyone searching for a home in the area."

- Zillow user "user5956614"

"Lori Thomas Bryant is the consummate professional. She's an amazing real-estate agent, (one of the best in the nation in my view), who has helped me sell my old home and buy a new one with total satisfaction. She has consistently acted in my best interests, keeping watch on the budget, renovating my old house "just the right amount" for resale, and marketing it aggressively with open houses, agent caravans, web and traditional media.

On the "buy side", she is also a master of structural design and project construction. This sets her apart from the "mere mortals" out there who may know how to buy or sell a property but don't know much about what makes a home attractive or what goes into building it right in the first place. For example, I thought one property we looked at was really great, but she noticed "cupping" in the hardwood floors along with an inconsistent hodge-podge of architectural styles applied throughout the home. In contrast, at my new place, she was instrumental in helping to pick-out the right mix of options from the builder's design center to make everything look amazing. The details went from high concept items like painted brick facade all the way down to deep details like which in-sink-erator model makes the least noise.

I have learned so much from Lori. She has a microscopic attention to detail that will amaze you. Her marketing and project management style is proactive, thorough and efficient. Her advocacy on behalf her clients is tenacious - she negotiates tactfully but strong watches out for your interests like its her own money involved.

After working with Lori, I now know what "good looks like" and there is simply no way I would ever buy or sell without her. It is so very comforting to walk into a meeting (whether with builder, buyer, lawyer or opposing agent) knowing that you have such talent on your side. You just sit back, (perhaps smile smugly to yourself a little bit), and let her do her thing.

I don't do reviews very much but I am so very pleased that I felt the world should be able to benefit as much as I. Thanks, Lori!"

- Zillow user "53b8333a"

"I had tried a few others before I was blessed to find Lori. Her knowledge and attentiveness was above and beyond all before her. Questions I had were promptly answered. She provide several listings for our specifications and was more than willing to help us navigate through each and everyone.

Trust me, I had a lot of questions and emails and she was a blessing through them all.

I am happy to say I have found my new home on the lake at a affordable price. Thanks Lori. We DID IT !!!"

- Zillow user "ntoxek888"

"Lori's attention to detail and follow up is unparalleled. She tries to anticipate issues and solve them before them they become problems. Her knowledge of construction, design, decorating and the real estate market all contribute to her effectiveness. I would highly recommend her as a buyer's and/or seller's agent."

- Debbie Voboril